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Long-Term and Goal Oriented

Sometimes, you need more than an expert development team - you need a partner to help you build and achieve your long-term goals. That’s where our Strategic Digital Partnerships come in.

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Strategic Digital Partnerships

Strategic Digital Partnerships are an agreement between you and Aurionpro Fintech to work together over a long-term engagement to achieve a common goal. Together, we’ll align on a roadmap, build a dedicated team to address your needs, and create a plan to ramp up / ramp down in accordance with the plan. With our business acumen and industry experience combined with your vision, we’ll create the perfect partnership.The impact can be seen in various industries, including banking and financial services, healthcare, government, retail, and telecommunications, where we have helped clients improve their operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer experiences. Aurionpro has won several awards for our innovative solutions and commitment to excellence, including the Best Digital Transformation Provider award at the 2020 AI Awards and the Best Banking Solution award at the 2019 Asian Banker Technology Innovation Awards.

Strategic Partnerships vs Traditional IT Teams

An outsourced IT provider traditionally manages the day-to-day technology support needs for your company. With our Digital Strategic Partnerships, we’ll provide proactive support like a fractional CIO.

Traditional IT Team

  • Reactive support
  • Low-engagement maintenance
  • Little buy-in

Aurionpro Fintech digital strategic partnership

  • Skills and processes that compliment your needs
  • Active engagement and improvement suggestions
  • Complete buy-in as a partner